To My Dearest Wife

My Dearest Anne,

On January 5, 2014, The Lord called you into his eternal kingdom in the sky. As you took your last breath of life I held you and kissed you as I was there standing next to you. My Love, this really tears me apart since you’re not going to wake up next to me every morning as it’s been for the past 7 years. However, I want do want to tell you you will always be the wind beneath my wings. I will never forget the day i met you when we both bumped into each other going to class back when we were students at NMSU. As I picked up your books, i felt extremely bad for knocking you down that day and it was also the same day when I fell in love with you that minute that i saw you. Right now, you’re looking so beautiful wearing the same white dress right now as you looked when I first met you. I’m glad that you kept it in that box where you stored it and now you get to wear it once again. I knew from the day that I laid my eyes on you that we were a match made in heaven. Babe, I will never forget how you made me feel every time that i talked to each other from then on. When you came into my life, you made me the happiest man because you always brought me up when i was down, controlled me when i was angry, and loved me for who I was. You were my breach of support, my best friend, and most importantly, the mother to our wonderful children. I was looking at our wedding video the other day and i was also remembering the day that i proposed and you said yes. That was the happiest day of my life next to when both our two kids were born. I know right now it’s hurting you to see me read this letter to you but I just want to let you know that I love you with all of my heart. You were a great wife to me as you were a great mother to our kids and this is where say that we will miss this and will always love you. I know you’re not here physically right but we feel that you are spiritually. I promise that I will make sure that our kids have the best things in life. I will also fight to give them those things because they’re the only thing that i have left of you. I know that one day they will ask me about you and I’m going to tell them that you are the greatest mother they had and that you will be there to guide them for the rest of their days. Rest In Peace, My Love and never forget that I Love You Forever.


Frank Lopez, Francisco David Lopez Jr., and Martha Jasmine Lopez.